Anvi Smart Defender


A complete protection suite for your PC


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AnviSmart Defender is a super-comprehensive suite to defend your device from a malware attack.

Browsing through unsafe webpages without having the right software installed on your PC might cause you a lot of worries. This tool has features that scan your entire hard drive to detect threats (no matter how small they are) from spyware to trojans and even ransomware.

The application will update its database continually so you can be protected in real time.

AnviSmart Defender includes an intelligent engine that will find any suspicious file in just a few seconds, ensuring that your privacy, Windows registry, and all your important files are in good condition.

The Anti-Hacker option is dedicated to inspecting all the services and settings these threats may use, and offers a one-click blocking solution.

AnviSmart Defender also adds an extension to Google Chrome to protect you from any infected website.
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